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How to Use a Floor Scrubber

If you are currently using a manual means of cleaning your floors, you are likely unimpressed with the time and labour-intensive nature of the task. Instead, consider changing to a much more efficient and convenient way of cleaning, which involves an automated floor scrubber. An

Should You Rent, Lease or Buy Your Floor Cleaning Equipment

Consider how your floor cleaning machines’ expenses impact your company’s bottom line. Longstanding companies usually have the capital to purchase machines outright. These companies can justify this capital purchase into their finances or get a loan to cover the cost of the floor sweeper or

Renting a floor scrubber or sweeper

Renting a floor scrubber or sweeper can be a daunting task to choose the right type of machine to best fit for your needs with various options of rental floor cleaning equipment in the market.  For example, you floor cleaning machines consist of floor sweepers,

Advantages of Owning a Floor Scrubber

Throughout the years, floor scrubbers have become more effective and technological. These machines can be customized to work with the right accessories and chemicals to offer the best cleaning results. They are easily maneuverable and are efficient to clean large areas in a short time.