Renting a floor scrubber or sweeper

Renting a floor scrubber or sweeper can be a daunting task to choose the right type of machine to best fit for your needs with various options of rental floor cleaning equipment in the market.  For example, you floor cleaning machines consist of floor sweepers, scrubbers and sweeper/scrubbers (combined) & side-walk sweepers/street sweepers. So, how is one to choose the right one among these options?  Let Floor Scrubbers Toronto, intervene!  Please  find below a general introduction to floor cleaning equipment, which will assist you in purchasing or renting:

  • Floor Sweepers: Sweep large and small particles of debris from the floor. This is the right option for dry surface cleaning, collecting dust and small objects.
  • Floor Scrubbers: Wet scrub and reach the smallest slits on the floor. This is the right option for deep cleaning and sanitizing floors. There are floor scrubber models with disc and cylindrical brushes. Sweeping prior to scrubbing is recommended if you have a large amount of debris. The cylindrical floor scrubbers are able to remove solid dirt & debris and deposit it into a removal tray at the rear of the brush(es).
  • Floor Sweeper/Scrubber: These are integrated floor machines, meaning they are able to sweep and scrub (simultaneously), as the name suggests. These machines can be very effective by removing solid debris and dust while scrubbing and deep washing the floor.

Renting a Floor Scrubber

When Renting a Floor Scrubber pricing for these machines also varies depending on their capacity & capabilities (commercial or industrial). Renting or purchasing a cylindrical (sweeper/scrubber) will cost more than a standard floor scrubber, as the machine is able to perform two functions (sweeping and scrubbing) in one pass. The combined options cost more but they are valued and efficient if the facility requires both services.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are not sure of what you need. Reach out to us for more clarification. We are confident we will find you the perfect fit, whatever the size or type of floor of your facility.