Should You Rent, Lease or Buy Your Floor Cleaning Equipment

Consider how your floor cleaning machines’ expenses impact your company’s bottom line. Longstanding companies usually have the capital to purchase machines outright. These companies can justify this capital purchase into their finances or get a loan to cover the cost of the floor sweeper or scrubber.

However, startups businesses are not so fortunate. They usually lack capital for these large purchases. Still, they usually desire a new or like new top-name brand floor cleaning machine in most cases. Often, in their panic to get floor cleaning machines, startups make buying decisions they simply can’t afford, or do not need.

Investing in Floor Cleaning Machines/Equipment

A thoughtful approach is wiser in these cases. One must weigh the cost-effectiveness of straight-up buying vs. leasing or renting floor cleaning equipment.

commercial floor cleaning machines for rent

WAIT! Before you assume that you need to BUY floor cleaning equipment, assess the application(s) you will be cleaning first. Determine what the task requires and how often you’ll actually use the equipment. It may be that a floor cleaning machine rental or refurbished machine is the best way to go.

Here are some things to consider when determining what is right for your company:

Floor scrubber rentals and floor sweeper-cleaner rentals are your best options if you won’t use the equipment often.  You may also consider a refurbished unit to save you a considerable amount of money vs. buying new.

For example, if you only clean the floor space 1 x per month, renting the equipment is probably the most cost-effective option as the machine will sit idle most of the time. However, if you clean the floor more regularly, a long-term lease or outright purchase might make more sense.  What’s more, renting infrequently will leave room in your budget to purchase equipment in the future and possibly even get an upgraded model with more advanced features (if needed).

This is true for floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, and integrated sweeper-scrubbers. Of course, it’s nice to have the equipment on hand, but a floor scrubber rental makes more financial sense if you’re only using it once in a while. Whether you choose to rent or buy your equipment, purchase a new or refurbished machine, we have the floor machine you need for any job.

Purchasing Floor Cleaning Equipment

In summary, if you clean your facility everyday (or thereabout), purchasing your floor cleaning equipment may be the best choice. Yes, you will have higher costs upfront, but you will have the convenience of owning a floor scrubber or sweeper for those times you need it.  If you won’t use the equipment very often, or only during extensive spring cleans, it may be a smarter financial move to rent a floor cleaner only when you need one – or buy a refurbished unit instead.

Again, if you won’t use the equipment frequently, floor cleaning machine rentals are a good option if you want to try out a piece of equipment before making a purchase.

Renting or Buying – We’ve got you covered!  We are your one-stop shop that saves you time and aggravation of sourcing multiple products from numerous retailers.

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