Which Ride On Floor Cleaner Do I Select? All great dependable machines, but what suits your needs the most

Prior to beginning any task, you must first analyze and generate a step-by-step plan to efficiently complete the job at hand.  Once you have sorted out the stages, you can start to lay down the foundation. Soon enough, you will have accomplished outstanding results.
Similar to floor cleaning machines, investing the time and knowledge into choosing the right floor cleaning machine will prove itself with its professional results.

What Are Your Needs

Whether you are working in a factory setting, to a remote construction site; having a professionally cleaned environment will be a crucial investment for the reputation of your company.

Firstly, we can start by assessing the needs and requirements for obtaining a safe and clean floor.
For example, some Tennant commercial grade floor cleaning machines may offer more agility to scrub floors in smaller, awkward spaces. Meanwhile, machines like the Tennant 32” T5, will add length to its surface area to provide its user with more time-efficient floor sanitation. So being able to assess your type of flooring, and the amount of square footage will be vital to your choice of floor cleaning machine.

There are even specific Tennant floor cleaning machines that will provide the user to exchange the type of brush or pad that will be used on the floor. Some brushes are made up of proex & wire, nylon, and even steel wire for the more industrial messes that require a much harder scrub. Whether you have ceramic tile or polished concrete, these commercial floor cleaning machines have you covered.

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